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Share your experiences in the comments below. I will certainly recommend your editorial services to all our vendors and clients.

Janson, Business, United Kingdom "My dissertation proposal is excellent, thanks to your editorial intervention. A-1's professional writers and editors are available on a per project basis or for an ongoing consulting arrangement.

The preferred method of payment is PayPal. Editing academic work to a niche style guide will cost more than editing a novel per the Chicago Manual of Style.

For internet marketing services, visit our affiliate, Dragonfly Digital Marketing. Last updated in Julythe EFA rates page lists various editing and writing tasks and their attendant hourly rates as self-reported by EFA members who took the rates survey.

After extensive research and hard work, your non-fiction manuscript is finally done! Great work with tough info.

Free Editing Services for Fiction and Nonfiction Writers

In this case, a complete collaboration with the author supplying core material and the editor providing the actual writing may be an effective alternative. I couldn't have done this academic work without you.

If an editor is booked solid, can you afford to wait six months to get the editor you want? Non-Fiction Books Your non-fiction book requires editing and proofreading if you want to have it considered for publication. Martinez, CTI Corporation "These training materials are just what they need to be, and thank you for the quick turnaround.

I do not use contractors or distribute your work to others. My committee is really impressed with the dissertation project so far. I almost can't wait to get to work on the dissertation now.

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Does the author have to address any high-level issues with style or voice? A wonderful story might be discarded, before it is even considered by a publisher, if there are grammatical errors, spelling errors or typographical errors.

Self-Publishing Self-Publishing has become very popular. Fantasy, sci-fi, and epic novel writers should be forewarned. The other total calculations also use their respective average rates.Gary M. Krebs, based in Fairfield CT, has three decades of insider publishing experience in book editing, developmental editing, ghostwriting, writing services, book editorial services, editorial consulting, book publishing editing, book sales and marketing.

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Fiction and Non-Fiction. Excellence at capturing author voice and tone. Talent for  · Editing can take your manuscript from being a pile of words into a story that can move people or a non-fiction book that can change lives.

It really is the secret weapon to making your book Editing services are more substantial than proofreading services and, in addition to correcting errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, take into account the overall flow of your book. Our online book editors will help transition your book from a rough-edged story to a great, publication-ready piece of fiction or /writing-editing/online-book-editing.

Free Editing Services for Fiction and Nonfiction Writers

· Editing your how-to book or memoir is crucial for writing a compelling, clear and successful book. Yet, writers often feel overwhelmed when they even think about editing a Ghostwriting for non-fiction brings this a step further, taking the bare bones of a story, and working closely with you through a series of interviews, turning it into a book that people will want to A step above copy editing, line editing addresses the creative content, use of language, and ensures consistency of writing style.

Chapter Blocks Having your work edited in smaller chunks, rather than all at once, allows you to space out editing payments according to your financial!

Non fiction book editing services
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